Why spyrrus

There are many private investigation firms in Singapore, if you have a need to engage a private investigator to solve your problem, you are urge to consider the services provided by Spyrrus Tech Pte Ltd for the following reasons: -

Our Services


Private Investigation

We provide wide range of Investigation services to meet various clients’ needs. Our clients comprising of various individuals and Multinational Corporation.The objective of each investigation of these clients ranging from Personal to Corporation are all the same: - to get to the bottom of it and


Insurance Investigation

We conduct investigations pertaining to false insurance claims and various type insurance frauds. We have handled plenty of such cases in the past where we uncovered many claimants making claims with false documents i.e., certificate, medical reports,


Bug Sweeps

Bug sweeps - Spyrrus provides Bug Sweeping services to detect surveillance equipment, spying devices and high level interception. Spyrrus sweeps offices cars, homes and conference centres. Bug Sweeps is formally called Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) is a term


Due Diligence

Due Diligence – Recently, a lot of “Scam syndicates” targeting at corporation as well as individual by false pretend / pretext to swindle their assets or cash fund. For individual, on the pretext of accusing individuals for violating certain rules

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